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October,3rd,2016 and the Weekly Foresight by #ClaudiaVannini

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini
October, 3rd, 2016 and the Weekly Foresight
#MONDAY, 03rd, begins the week with balance. Moon, Venus and Pluto form an aspect conducive to transform business and personal relationships. Love remains high, so the main focus of change should be commercial. When Venus and Pluto communicate well, we can find new outlets, new ways to get knowledge. Sometimes, information comes from the unconscious and lightens the whole situation. Let us remember that the past will not come back this year, so everything that is redeemed is the sense of learning that will be transmuted. Moon and Venus in Scorpio, highly charming. create a magical setting at 8h17PM GMT. They have Neptune in Pisces help. If you like magic moments, make your connection with the New Moon at this time and design your best inspiration for the Cosmos. Not everything that goes around comes around but sometimes comes back extended. All Signs in a good mood today.
Be happy on Adventure Earth.
#TUESDAY, 04th is a day of demands. The strongest is the one you make about the Self. You are your best friend? Avoid compromises between 4PM GMT and 6PM GMT.
#WEDNESDAY, 05th stay tuned to changes. In 20 minutes, good intentions can turn into a commercial and personal disaster. Do not discuss relations between 9PM GMT and 10PM GMT.
#THURSDAY, 06th is a day of great change. It is a mixture between and the rebel and revolutionary. In the end, there is progress. After noon there is greater clarity on the actions.
#FRIDAY, 07th, all is positive until 7PM GMT. Mercury enters Libra in the early hours of the day and you feel that the diplomat is in you. Trade with wisdom, caution and give each other the benefit of the doubt. Looks like a great moment for business and trade. Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are in Libra until the 22nd, with summit on 11th October. Establish a clear goal for this period and put on 11th as a special day in your schedule to collect agreements. Believe in your potential, after all you did not come to earth to just walk. Enjoy your time here.

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