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October,17th,2016 and the WEEKLY FORESIGHT by @ClaudiaVannini

October,17th,2016 and the WEEKLY FORESIGHT by @ClaudiaVannini
#MONDAY, 17th, opens a week with strong energy in the Earth element. Pluto, Mars and Moon form a violent and transformer scenario. Much will happen by the use of force, and various changes will come because they are necessary, even if in the wrong paths. This goes from #companies that group, sectors of the world economy that are separated, exchange of leaders who are not aligned with the global needs and changing opinions in the home, school, work or the American voter. It is the transformation taking place the way it can with the resources you have, rain or sun shine. There is no more time to wait, there is more time for reflection. Pluto in a grand trine on Earth, puts things in place. For the more sensitive, some decisions seem hasty. For the pragmatists, it was time something important happened. The day is productive between 8AM GMT and 5PM GMT. Interest rates must be modified during this period, in what was expected. US market rising, the Brazilian market down. Special attention to the stock exchanges on the 17th until 5PM GMT. Everything can be different than expected, precisely because of these news groups and separations arriving. We are facing a week with a strong presence of Justice with a peak between 21st and 23rd of October.
Signs in a good mood on Monday #Sagittarius #libra #gemini #taurus #virgo
 #TUESDAY, 18th, with VENUS in Sagittarius. Animation and enthusiasm everywhere, but serious problems in love. Control the rebellion. Good for tourism, bars, restaurants and hotels until November 11th. Foreign trade up.
#WEDNESDAY, 19th, strength to make necessary changes. Violence for the Planet. Project for #PEACE
#THURSDAY, 20th, problems in communication with eccentric ideas. Men and women live fleeting moments of harmony. Communication well.
#FRIDAY, 21st, with restrictions, leave the schedule with few activities.
Be happy on earth NAMASTE _ / \ _

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