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10 of October,2016 and the Weekly Foresight by #CLAUDIAVANNINI

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October 10th,2016 and the WEEKLY FORESIGHT by #CLAUDIAVANNINI

#MONDAY  awakens with THE MOON in Aquarius in great position with Jupiter in Libra. Two signs in the AR element. This is a sign of mental activity, theorizing the questions and then taking action. It is a good time to put your mind to work. How to solve the dilemma? How to find best outputs? Legend has it that the answer is always under our feet and not on the distant horizon. We have the support of the fire element with Saturn in Sagittarius connected to the Moon after 11PM GMT. It is a strong structure to keep our emotional and social connections in the right direction. We also have the support of the element earth with Mars in Capricorn connecting to the Lunar Node in Virgo after midnight. It is the ability to meet obligations without fear of fights. The tone of Monday is brave, intelligent and takes into account the emotional appeals. Long time we do not have a day with air, water, fire and earth elements in action. A gift from heaven! All signs in a good mood today.

#TUESDAY is a prosperous day. Good agreements and swiftness to achieve your goals. Enjoy every hour of this day.

#WEDNESDAY extremely complicated. Serious problems in communication. Avoid promises. Danger on the roads in the early hours of Thursday.

#THURSDAY With impaired communication. Avoid great conversations, long meetings or video conferencing. There is no understanding of the words.

#FRIDAY it`s a day to realize your  actions and end the week with structure. Saturn and Mercury help communication between the parties. 

#Saturday has astral clashes. Avoid postponing decisions. Avoid risks and empty your agenda. 


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