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September,5th and the #WEEKLY FORESIGHT by ClaudiaVannini

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini 
September,5th and the #WEEKLY FORESIGHT
#MONDAY 05th, good opportunities after 11AM GMT. Uranus ends the pressure on the Moon and, after 1PM, there is a good mood for good conversations with greater seduction. If you want to bewitch a person in the office or school, use the charm of the Moon in # SCORPIO and show how you are disciplined and organized. Value your potential. The work completed in advance make you shine. The biggest mistake would be to start the week with late works. The Sun illuminates the Lunar Node and everything that was done or not, appears.
Signs that need care today #Sagittarius #Aries #pisces #taurus
#TUESDAY  06th, brings major changes. Good news will come.

#WEDNESDAY 07th, perfect for meetings and scandals. Be careful.
#THURSDAY 08th, do everything until 5h30PM GMT. Then, stay neutral.
#FRIDAY  09th, with Waxing MOON and Jupiter in LIBRA. Bargain, deal and move money! A very active day and more violent.
Be happy on Earth
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