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September 26th, and The Weekly Foresight

Astrological Footprint by ClaudiaVannini - September 26th, and The Weekly Foresight
#MONDAY 26th, Pluto is in its direct movement. Exactly at 3PM GMT, you can consider that the past is in the past. No shadow returns, old loves are buried at once and there is no pending subjects. It may be hard for some issues, but the best thing there is to know something considered dead will not come back to haunt your new projects. False hopes, false promises, unstable loves and contracts that never come to a conclusion, die for once. Notice how it is important to let go. Since the 19th of April, we are taking scares with ghosts that come and go. Not today. You can walk towards the changes because the cycle is closed. Understand this and go into the new with joy. New ideas, new air, new friends and new challenges. Sun and Jupiter are conjunct in Libra. High negotiation skills, tact and diplomacy. It all comes together for moments of luck and fruitful dialogues. Stock exchanges can have moments of good profits. diet phase with excellent results. Courage and willingness, justice and application of the law throughout the day in a good connection between Moon in Leo and Saturn. All Signs in a good mood today. #pisces #Sagittarius and#aquarius must remain silent.
#TUESDAY, 27th, Mars enters Capricorn. Start something that requires dedication and perseverance. Beneficial up to November 8th of 2016. Violence between 4PM on the 27th of September until 8AM GMT on 28th of September. Riots in society.
#WESNESDAY, 28th, Fertility up starting at 4AM GMT until Noon. Moon and Venus are Hyped. Couples live hot moments. Complete your obligations until 11PM GMT because there will be charges and inflexibility in opinions.
#THURSDAY, 29th, mark your meetings between 8AM GMT and 7PM GMT. Selling ​​an idea or enebriating someone with your projects is easy with the help of Neptune and Venus. Artists, advertisers, architects, engineers and staff Marketing live a day of glory.
#FRIDAY, 30th, New Moon in Libra. Even though is planting phase, better wait for Monday. The mood is confused and Neptune hinders objectivity. Plan and wait. The morning is better than the afternoon.
Be happy on Earth
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